Gaia Globes

                                                                       Globes, planetaria and other antiques


Who is Gaia Globes?

Gaia Globes is a company which sells globes, globe curiosities, telluria or planetaria and other antiques, mostly scientific instruments.

Where is Gaia Globes located?

Gaia Globes is located in the South of the Netherlands (Europe), but we sell (and buy)  objects all over the world.

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Can I visit Gaia Globes?

Gaia Globes can sell its objects at a low price because we have no actual shop. But if you really want to visit us it is possible to make an appointment.

Gaia Globes prices

The prices of the globes, telluria and other antiques are relatively low. Because we have no actual shop our prices are much lower than the regular antique shop prices.