Worldmap,  Meyer 1845

Publisher: Meyer

Title: Erdkarte


Dimensions: -

Age: 1845

Description: A map of the world out of the Meyers atlas of 1845. Meyer lived from 1796 to 1856 and published atlases from 1830 to 1856. The Bibliographisches Institut set up business in Hildburghausen, Germany, in 1828 under the direction of Herrmann Meyer, and it lasted there until 1874, at which time it moved to Leipzig. The firm published a journal, entitled Meyer's Universum, as well as a number of other volumes including this world atlas. The Bibliographisches Institut is known particularly for its finely detailed, steel engraved views and maps, and this map is an excellent example of the quality of its output.

Condition and colouring: The map is very detailed, while the bright outline and colour adds a decorative element to the map. Furthermore is the map set in a beautiful frame with dim glass.

Price: $472,- or  360,-

$92,- or 75,-

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