Gaia Globes

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Are these items for sale?

Most objects on this site are for sale. The price is listed on the page with the object description.

Do want additional information?

If you are interested in an object and want additional information e.g. additional pictures, please donít hesitate to ask. We will answer all email as soon as possible and the best way we can.

How to order an item:

If you would like to purchase an object please send an email in which you mention the object you are interested in. We will send you our bank data and as soon as we receive the money we will send the object. You can pay through Postbank, Rabobank and Paypal.

Concerning antique objects.

The objects which we offer are as well as possible described. The objects which we offer concern antique objects often more than 100 years old. On such objects small scratches, abrasions and dents are very common. These are not mentioned in the  descriptions. However when there are damages present (beside the mentioned scratches) these are described, possibly with photograph of damage.

Do you want information about Gaia globes?

When you are interested in Gaia Globes or when you want to sell an object you think Gaia Globes might be interested in donít hesitate to send an email. We are also interested in other companies or private persons who sell or restaurate globes or mechanics.

The price in dollars is dependend on the actual exchange rate of this moment

Please not that the price mentioned in dollars is an estimate. The real price depends on the exchange rate on this moment. Calculate the real price in dollars on this site:

Return pollicy

Items may be reserved by email and will be held for a reasonable time pending receipt of payment. All items are offered with a 10day money-back guarentee for any reason, but you pay postage and insurance and items are returned in the same state as they were send.