Laing Planetarium Co., Detroit, Michigan: c. 1890, with manual

18cm diameter base, 32cm high; 38cm long (unextended)

This scientific instrument is comprised of a 7,5 cm terrestrial globe by Rand McNally & Co. turning at the end of a maple wooden arm (with metal rod for turning on the underside) with revolving spherical painted wood representation of the moon and at the other end a brass ball representing the sun with revolving spherical painted wood representation of the Venus, supported by a turned central standard, above a round base with inset circular calendar with concentric circles representing the months of the year, signs of the zodiac, and months of the year. The earth, moon and planets spin and revolve by turning the arm by thereby engaging eight string belts affixed to various turned, wooden pulley-form discs and bobbins.

Laing Planetarium Company developed this model tellurian at the end of the 19th Century, together with a larger tellurian.

Text on arm: Laing's planetarium, patented, Laing's planetarium Co, Detroit, Mich U.S.A.

The globe and tellurium are in very good condition

The tellurium comes with a very detailed copy of the original manual. The manual describes all the features of the planetarium. (55 pages).

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