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floor globes

Back Nova Rico Jannine Blue (50cm) Nova Rico Erika Blue (50cm) Scan floor globe 1992 (33cm)
desk globes
  Scan Attaché (40cm) Scan Planet Earth (30cm) Royal geographical society, Franklin Mint, library globe
  Columbus globe 1960 Black Scan globe, 1970 Relief Scan globe 1960
  Rath globe 1960 JRO globe, 1960 Plastic globe 1970
  Black Replogle globe, 1960-70 Small tin globe (left on picture) Lighted Columbus on chrome foot, 1970
  Raeth Staatkundige globe, 1983 (33cm) Raeth Staatkundige globe, 1983 (33cm) Raeth Staatkundige globe, 1987 (21cm)
  Columbus Duplex Aardglobe (33cm) World globe (12,5cm) Political globe (26cm)
children globes
  Columbus Duplex Aardglobe (33cm) Nova Rico aardglobe (30cm) Raeth Staatkundige globe, 1989 (28cm)
  Scan Trekker (15cm) Nova Rico raised relief aardglobe (20cm) Nova Rico lighted aardglobe (20cm)
  Nova Rico toy globe (10cm) Eerste Nederlandsche Globe industrie Zwolle, 1950  
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