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Back German celestial manuscript globe, 1690 N. Lane, 1776 Newton, 1818
Small terretrial globe with box, 1825 C. Abel Klingers terrestrial globe, Nuremberg, 1845 Malby, 1859

Barbot J.L. & Co, 1880-1900 Luw. Jul. Heymann 15 ct, 1890 Heymann, Ludwig Julius,       1860-1890
J.L.&Cie Paris, 1900 Geographic game in terrestrial globe by JL&C Paris, 1900 Klinger, C. Abel, 1905

Philips' 3 inch terrestrial globe, 1915 Sukagawa globe, 1914-1924 De Aardglobe door C.L. van Balen J.B. Wolters Groningen, Wed. J. Bekkers & Zoon, Dordrecht (Holland), 1910.
Tin globe 1925 Anonymus tin globe with zodiak,  1930 Columbus Schüler globe, Rollglobus, 1942

Anonymus Japanese globe in Egnlish, 1940-45 Schotte & co miniature globe, ca 1860
J.L.&Cie Paris, 1900
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