Planiglobii Terrestris Mappe - Monde, Homann Heirs, ca. 1750

Publisher: Homann Heirs

Title: Planiglobii Terrestris Mappe - Monde

Published: Nuremberg

Dimensions: 53,5 x 45,5 cm or 21,2 x 18 inches

Age: 1746

Description: Antique world map in double hemisphere. In the center two smaller hemispheres of the north and south pole are shown. Two interesting diagrams depict polar projections of the earth.  North America is still blank above California and Hudson Bay is open-ended in the north-west corner.The map shows an incomplete Australia and New Zealand, a fanciful NW Coast of America based upon the early Russian explorations and images of the Poles.
Very decorative title cartouches in upper left hand right hand corner containing the titles, one in Latin and the other French.

Condition: Very Good

Price: $2.096,- or  1.600,-

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