Theatrum Belli Rhenani J. B. Homann, ca. 1750

Publisher: J. B. Homann

Title: Theatrum Belli Rhenani

Published: Paris


48 x 55,5 cm or 19 x 22 inches

Age: ca 1750.

Description: Copper engraving, hand colored in outline and wash when published. 'War theatre' at the river Rhine and Mosel. Decorative map ornated with an inset view showing the siege of Landau / Pfalz. Also the cartouche with a dedication to Joseph I. At the bottom we find an inset map showing the region around Chur in Switzerland. A strong and clear impression with decorative allegoric cartouches.

Condition: Published plano without a centre fold. In excellent condition.

Price: $472,- or  360,-

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