The elementary planetarium by Trippensee approx. 1980

A relatively simple American planetarium in good condition. This "Trippensee" Elementary and Classmate Planetarium is in like new. It is 40cm long and stands 30cm high. It has a plastic covered cast iron base. A compass is imbedded in the main support arm. There is a Zodiac plate on the base and a Twilight Zone ring around the earth. The planetarium arm moves to revolve the earth and moon around the sun. A durable construction with gear and ladder chain driven mechanism so that the earth maintains itís 23-1/2į axis as it revolves around the sun and rotates on itís axis, all at the same time. The moon revolves around the earth and is positioned by hand. Venus also revolves around the sun, and is positioned by hand, to show phases and where it is located as the morning or evening star. Among the phenomena which the model shows are the following: Phases of the moon, eclipses of the sun and moon, causes of night and day, seasons in various parts of the Earth, reasons for winter and summer, what the solstices and equinoxes are, the axis of the earth and its relationship to the North star, about the tides and their causes, the earthís equator, latitude, longitude and meridians. The Sunís diameter is 14,5cm and the diameter. The earth is tin plated and approx. 9cm. The earth is in perfect condition besides one dent. The planetarium is made by Trippensee Saginaw, Michigan U.S.A.


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