Miniature Globes

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Pocket globes

Back Malby, 1844 J.L.&Cie Paris, 1900 Miniature terrestrial globe, 1880

Miniature globes

  Smith's Terrestrial globe, 1880 Anonymous, 1880-1900 Anonymus Japanese globe in English, 1940-45

Chicago World's Fair globe paperweight 1933 - 1934 Forest 1930 Anonymus tin globe 7cm diameter, 1900

Columbus Schüler globus, 1929 De Aardglobe door C.L. van Balen J.B. Wolters Groningen, Wed. J. Bekkers & Zoon, Dordrecht (Holland), 1910. Globe from Prague, 1948

Anonymus book end with globe, 1930 Columbus Schuler Rollblobus, 1950 Reimer Junior Erdglobus, 1953
Anonymus tin globe 4,5cm diameter, 1920 Anonymous, tolglobe, 1950 tellurium globe, 1938
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