Other Globes

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Library globes

  Columbus Duo Library globe, 1960 JRO Humboldt, 1975 Philips terrestrial library globe, 1960

Back Georama ltd, London, 1960    
Pair of globes

(celestial and terrestrial)


  Pare of Columbus globes, 1950 Pare of Columbus miniature globes, 1950  
Celestial and moon globes

  Räths Moonglobe, 1963 Rare Torica Astro Globe (lagre) Scan moon globe 1960
Globe curiosities

  Clock with Berteaux globe, 1875 Heyman Clock globe, 1913 Anonymous globe inkwell, 1914

Russian Armillary sphere, Sajelawo, 1960 clear school globe, 1950 Geographic educator puzzle globe, 1927

Columbus globe bar , 1950

Cram's DeLuxe Globe with sun ray indicator, 1950 Anonymous, brass globe
Bett's portable terrestrial globe and diagrams 1850 (facsimile) Complete set gores (large), 1964 Complete set gores (small), 1964
Replogle globe with time base, 1950 Columbus Art globe, 1990  
Globe with cars, 1960 Globe puzzle Worldclock, 1960
Der Globus im Wandel der Zeiten Hemma, paper folding globe, 1950 Hemma, paper folding globe, 1960
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