Malby's & Sons, terrestrial globe, 1846

Diameter: 30,5 cm

Total height: 45 cm.

Age: 1846.

Description: A 12-inch diameter terrestrial globe made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores, with metal axis, bras graduated meridian circle and hour ring, mounted on a three legged stand with turned cross stretchers supporting centre post.

Condition: The globe has cracks, dents an abrasions as can be seen in pictures. The globe is still very nice object as is or could be a nice restoration object.

Cartouche: Malby's Terrestrial Globe compiled from the latest and most authentic sources, manufactured and published under the superintendence of the Society of Useful Knowledge by Malby & Sons 1846. Note: The lines of magnetic variation are adopted from professor Peter Barlow's chart in the transactions of the Royal  Society for 1833.

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