Smith's Terrestrial globe, 1880

Diameter: 6,5 cm (2 3/4 inch)

Total height: 14 cm.

Age: approx. 1880

Description: This very nice antique globe comprises of twelve, hand-coloured engraved full gores. The equatorial graduated into degrees and marked every ten degrees. The ecliptic marked in degrees and showing each ten degrees. The continents are variously hand coloured and with the countries and capital cities named,  major rivers shown in black line and named. The lakes also shown and named.

The globe is held in a  bronze half meridian ring, in which it smoothly rotates . This is mounted on an attractive, turned hardwood stand. The globe comprises of a  wooden core onto which is applied a plaster finish and then the hand-coloured engraved paper full gores.

Charles Smith & son (1799-1888) was founded by Charles Smith  'engraver to the prince of Wales, started by selling maps and then went on to producing globes. They moved from the strand to charing cross in 1870 and later were taken over by George Philip and son

The globe has had some repairs and restoration, and is now all sound and secure. There is no paper loss

Cartouche: Smith's Terrestrial globe, Showing the latest discoveries to the present time, London, G. Philip & son ltd., 32 fleet st. E.c.

$1.970,- or 1.350,-

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