Malby's terrestrial globe, London, 1844

Diameter: 7,5 cm

Total height: 10 cm.

Age: 1844

Condition: The globe is in good condition and is very clear and easy to read. The dome shaped pocket is also in perfect condition.

Description:  This beautiful antique, terrestrial pocket globe, is made up of twelve copper-plate, engraved paper gores which are hand coloured. The equator is graduated in degrees and hours. The ecliptic graduated in days and showing the symbols of the houses of the zodiac. The Antarctic with details such as 'Ld seen in 1833' and 'magnetic pole herebouts', the continents outlined in blue with numerous physical and geographical details. The globe has two steel  axis pins and is laid in a beautifull turned fruitwoud case with dome shaped lid. The case has the following text written '.... 3rd prize presented to ..... 1849'

Cartouche: Malby's terrestrial globe, compiled from the globe of the society for diffus. of useful knowledge, Houghton St. London, March 1st. 1844.

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