Alexander Donaldson, pair of table globes, 1830

Diameter: 30,5 cm

Total height: 45 cm.

Age: 1830.

Description: A pair of 12-inch (30.5cm.) diameter library globes, Made up of twelve hand coloured engraved gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees in both directions, hours and minutes, the Greenwich meridian ungraduated, the anti-meridian graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac with symbols, the oceans with an analemma and the tracks of numerous explorers with dates, including Columbus, de Gama, Cook, Vancouver, La Perouse, Gore, the Resolution, the Hecla and the Fury, with further notes to certain places such as The Ordinary course of the Florida Stream in the Atlantic and Jardines acc. to the Searboro 1788. Jardines on the Spanish charts in the Pacific, a note in the southern Indian Ocean regarding the demarcations of Norasia, Australia and Polynesia with regard to the previous region of Oceanica, the Antarctic with no coastline at all but a note reading Lat.74.15'. Point reached by Mr.Weddell of ther Brig Jane of Lieth on the 20th.Feby.1823 being 3.5'. farther South than Captain Cook. The continents with some nation states outlined in red and showing numerous details such as towns, cities, rivers, mountains and the Great Wall of China.  Tasmania labelled TASMANIA OR VAN

DIEMENS LAND, the North and South Islands of New Zealand labelled respectively in Maori EAHEI NOMAVWE and TAVAI POEN AMOO, Alaska labelled RUSSIAN TERRITORY.

The accompanying celestial globe is also made up of twelve hand coloured engraved gores laid to the ecliptic poles, the axis through the celestial poles, the solstitial and equinoctial colures and equatorial graduated in degrees, the latter also in hours and minutes, the ecliptic graduated in day s of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with names for the former and symbols for the latter The constellations depicted by mythical beasts and figures with the stars shown to six orders of magnitude and labelled with Arabic numerals or Greek letters. Some named in Latin, both with engraved brass hour dial and meridian circle, the mahogany horizon with engraved paper ring graduated in degrees, day s of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with names for the former and symbols and pictures for the latter, also showing wind directions. (Christies)

Condition: The globes are in perfect condition. Both globes have some minor water staining, minor abrasions  etc as can be seen in the pictures. One foot of the terrestrial globe has some worm holes (not active).

Cartouche: The terrestrial: DONALDSON'S TERRESTRIAL GLOBE 1830 ENGRAVED BY W.& A.K. JOHNSTON Published by Donaldson & Sons, So.Niddry St, Edinr.


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