Very early rare lighted Columbus globe, 1925

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 50 cm

Age: 1925


Description: This is a very nice rare lighted Columbus globe. These are probably the first electric globes made.

The globe with graduated equitorial and Greenwhich meridian and ungraduated ecliptic, the oceans with ocean currents, steamship routes and submarine cables, the continents with nation states variously and brightly coloured showing towns, cities, rivers mountains, telegraph and railway lines. The glass sphere  mounted with three clamping screws in a turned mahogany collar arranged to rotate atop a short turned column from the circular plinth base, with inset compass, push button switch and electric flex. Original cord.The upper half of the wooden foot turns separately from the lower part. In this way the globe can be viewed from all sides.


Condition: The globe is in a very good shape.


 Cartouche: Columbus Erdglobus, berabeitet von Oberrealschuldirector Dr. R. Neuse. Neurevidiert von Cartograph C. Luther, Columbus Verlag Paul Oestergaard K.G. Berlin Lichterfelde.

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