Russian Armillary sphere, 1960

Diameter: 50 cm

Total height: 60 cm.

Age: approx.1960

Description: Armillary sphere. The primary sphere of 40.5cm diameter consists of six metal rings, two are fixed perpendicular to each other and represent the colures. Three parallel rings (painted blue) are fixed perpedicular to the colures and represent the tropics and the graduated equator (division 15degrees). The sixth ring (painted yellow) represents the zodiac; it is marked with a Gregorian calendar (division in months) and with the Russian names of the months. The zodiac starts with respect to the calendar scale. The primary sphere is mounted on a polar axis. At the mid-point of this axis, there is a wooden sphere with a slot for holding a horizon disc (diameter 35cm). The disc is graduated (divisions 15 degrees) and the four main compass points are indicated by the Russian initials. The polar axis is mounted in a meridian ring consisting of two semicircles, one of which is thin and flat, whereas the other has a square profile and is graduated. Between the primary sphere and the meridian ring, there is a movable metal semicircle fixed to the poles. A small yellow wooden sphere acts as a sliding indicator. There is also an hour circle. Attached to the meridian ring, there is a graduated altitude quadrant with a yellow star as a sliding indicator. The sphere with its meridian ring is sustained by a metal arm attached to the pillar of a metal tripod stand. (Globes at Greenwhich, Elly Dekker).

Condition: complete, but half of the zodiac (yellow) ring is missing

Cartouche: -

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