Elsevier collapsible globe 1880

Diameter: 40,6 cm

Total height: 75 cm.

Age: 1880. Romania, Serbia and Montenegro are independent (1878) , Congo is not yet name free state of Congo (1885) and is mostly unexplored.

Description: A terrestrial collapsing globe printed in colour on waxed fabric. Land features include mountain ranges, and major rivers, the Greenwich meridian, ecliptic and equator graduated in degrees. The frame is black enamelled brass umbrella-type frame. The globe comes with the original wooden box.

Condition: The condition is very good, no discolorations, no rust spots. There is one small tear at the north pole (2cm) and a water stain (see picture).

Cartouche: De Elsevier globe naar de nieuwste bronnen bewerkt onder toezicht van Dr. G.J. Dozy, Gratis Premie, het boek der reizen en ontdekkingen, Rotterdam, uitgevers maatschappij Elsevier


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