Columbus Schüler globe, Rollglobus, 1950

Diameter: 10 cm

Total height: 13 cm.

Age: 1950.

Condition: The globe is in used shape. Some small paper losses and a small crack, its bakelite base is in very good shape.

Description: A miniature terrestial globe made up of twelve chromolithographed paper gores and two polar calottes, the equator and prime meridian graduated in degrees, the ecliptic ungraduated, the nations states variously coloured. Israel present, Korea undivided.

The globe rests on a circular mouled bakelite base, the rim inscribed Haardt earthmeter for the Columbus Rolling Globe also in French, Spanish and German. Graduated around the inside of the rim 0-6000 miles through 180 degrees and 0-10000km through the other 180 degrees, further graduated around the base 0-180 degrees, 0-12000 miles and 0-20000 km. The rollglobus is rare and very collectable.

Cartouche: Columbus Schüler-Rollglobus, mit Erdmesser, DES ING Robert Haardt D.R.P. Columbus verlag Paul Oestergaard K-G Berlin und Stuttgart. 

$150,- or € 120,-

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