Small terretrial globe with box, 1825

Diameter: 4,3 cm

Total height: 5 cm

Age: approx. 1800- 1825 (New Holland present 1817)

Condition: The globe is in very good condition and is very clear and easy to read. Also the box ans pictures are complete and in good condition.

Description:  This terrestrial sphere 4,3 centimetres in diameter is one of smallest globes. Apparently produced in Germany (at Nuremberg, by the members of the Bauer family?) for the English market, this sphere is anonymous and without cartouche. The globe has 12 spheres on what seems to be a wooden sphere. On the lid of paperboard box which contains the sphere, one attached a printed label carrying the following words: The Earth and its Inhabitants. The cartographic information that the children could learn while examining and while playing with the sphere remains really limited. Only a limiting number of cartographic details and geographical place names appear.

The names 'North Amrerica' and United States' arise on the American continent, but the name Canada does not appear. On the east coast, one finds 'N. Foundland' and Hudson. The box also contains a long paper ribbon once unfolded reveals 27 small rectangular images describing, at the same time in English, German and French various people of the world. The first of the list are as follows: English, French and Dutch. Among the other people, one will note native of Nova Scotia, native of Madagascar and bushma. In one era preceding the famous television and magazines, any child was to adore such a small object with which it could play and learn for hours.  (E. Dahl, La Découverte du monde)

Cartouche: -

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