Columbus model 100 Presseglobus, 1920 with chrome meridian

Diameter: 34 cm

Total height: 56 cm

Age: 1920


Description: This is a very detailed Columbus globe. The globe is really very detailed and presents political and physical elements. The countries are beautifully coloured and outlined. The globe shows in great detail:

  • Caravan routes;

  • Chinese wall;

  • Telegraph lines with dates;

  • Former German colonies;

  • Steamship routes;

  • International dateline;

  • Etc.


 Also physical marks such as tundra, desert, drifting ice are shown. Numurous dates on the globes.


 On a part of the south pole is says (transleted from German): Ice free sea, numorous whales and lots of birds. Several dates at the sout pole: Ross, Wilkes, Scott, Borchgrevink, Wendells fernster Punkt


Condition: The globe is in a good shape.


 Cartouche: Columbus Erdglobus, Modell 100,Presseglobus, berabeitet von Dr. H. Fischer, Massstab 1:35.000.000

 $ 865,- of 550,-

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