Columbus globe, 1925

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 50 cm.

Age: Approx. 1925.

Condition: This is a globe in a great condition for its age.

Description: The globe has a chromed meridian also in perfect condition. A turned red wooden foot with a small compass. The globe shows in great detail. It also shows the Graf Zeppelin route. It shows the southern border of human settlements. The oceans show the shipping routes, currents and fishing grounds. The countries are coloured and outlined. Also caravan routes are shown. Also this globe shows the minerals, major crops and typical animals in a specific region. Also the borders of palm trees are visible.

Cartouche: The globe is manufactured by Columbus verlag, Berlin, Lichterfelde. Wirtshaftslich-politische ausgabe. Bearbeitet: W. Bockisch. Politischer kartenbild: Dr. R. Neuse und C. Luther.

$ 440,- of 375,-

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