Bett’s portable globe and diagrams 1850 (facsimile)

Diam 12,5 cm. This is a facsimile of Bett’s portable globe with diagrams. It is a exact copy of Bett’s globe of 1850. It goes with a small booklet (16 pages) and coloured diagrams which explains the globe with its meridians and parallels, the zodiac, the seasons, phases of the moon, eclipses and physical geography. (stand not included). Very interesting so see what the world looked like in 1850 ! 

John Bett’s produces a range of folding globes for schools and domestic use, most popular were the Bett’s Patent Globe with an umbrella type frame. Bett’s collapsible globes are some of the earliest in England. (The world in your hands, 1994)

$18,- of € 15,-

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