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Libray globes

  Paul Räth Leipzig, Norddeutscher LLoyd Bremen, 1924 Columbus 20 51 50, 1960 Blaeu handpainted facsimile, 1850

Back Columbus library globe, 1950 Columbus library globe, 1915-1920 Columbus Duo Library globe, 1950
Pair of globes

(celestial and terrestial)


  Pair of Columbus globes, 1925 Pair of Columbus globes, 1950  
Celestial and moon globes

  Verlag der J.G. Klinger'schen Kunsthandlung, 1790-1825 E. Schotte & Co celestial globe, 1870 Russian navisphere made in Germany 1950

Rare Torica Astro Globe (smal) Russian navisphere, 1964 Räths Moonglobe, 1977
Globe curiousities
  Very rare French clock with terrestrial and on celestial globe, barometer, thermometer and compas, 1870 Cram's DeLuxe Globe with sun ray indicator, 1936 A very early Reploge Globe with a World Clock Base, 1935
Clark & Co Anchor Sewing Cottons Globe Miniatuur globe, 1873 Columbus bar, 1950 Rotating tin globe, 1950
Planisfeer Der Sternenhimmel with manual, 1850 Globe radio 3D Globe clock 1975
Slate globe, green with red lines Slate globe, black with red lines Slate globe, black with gray lines
Slate globe, black with red lines Bakelite desk lamp 1925 Replogle globe with klok, 1950
Behaim replica Theepot globe, 1980 Fleetwood, Marc Globe radio, 1960
painting, girl with globe Printing blok of northern hemisphere, 19th century
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