Rare Antique Ideal Planetarium - The Vetter Co.1930

Rare Antique Ideal Planetarium - The Vetter Co.  The base of the Planetarium is marked "The Vetter Co. Buffalo, NY".  The English Instruction book is marked The Vetter Co. Buffalo NY, and Bridgeburg, Ont.

It comes with its original carrying case, and "book of instructions".

The brass ball represents the sun, the map globe the earth, the next in size Venus, and the smallest the moon.

"To operate the machine hold the standard in the left hand and revolve the arm in the proper succession of the months of the year as shown on the base of the machine.  The earth globe may be revolved independently of the motion of the arm, by lifting upwards."

The planetarium stands approx. 34cm tall, the metal arm 42cm, the sun approx. 20cm in diameter, and the earth about 10cm.

The brass ball representing the sun has some age marks on it, the earth has little flecks of paper missing and there is a small dent, there is some scratching on some of the words, the instruction manual is aged and has some water-type marks inside, and the case needs a good cleaning as well.  I don't have the key for it, but you just have to pull on the clasp and it comes open by itself.

$ 2100,- or 1500,- 

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