J. Schedler, 1868

Diameter: 30 cm

Total height: 50 cm.

Age: 1868. It shows no Romania, no Serbia (1878) , Congo is not yet name free state of Congo (1877) and is mostly unexplored. There is no south and North Dakota.

Description: Overall the countries are easy to read and to discern. The printing is really nice and well done , this type of globe belong to the tradition of globe making of the 18th century : 12 full gores on a solid ball of plaster .The cast iron metal tripod mount is Gothic revival in style which was the rage in the 1870 's parlor of New York. Joseph Schedler (fl.1860s-1880s), founder of the Schedler firm, and his successor, Herman Schedler (fl. 1880s -1890s), were from Germany and worked in New York . It is to be noted that only their prize from the Paris International Exhibition of 1867 figure on the cartouche. On the later edition you can find mentioned the prizes from the American Institute Fair in 1869 and the Vienna International Exhibition in 1873 .

Condition:The surface condition is very good, some scratches, some browning of the varnish, a dark spot near Java, there is some restoration over a part of the yet to be explored Antarctic at the base. There is an hour circle, a fully graduated meridian.

Cartouche: Prize medal Paris Exposn. 1867, J. Schedlers Terrestrial Globe,12 inches diameter, compiled from the latest and most authentic sources including all the recent geogr. dicoveries containing tthe principal lines of oceanic steam communication and submarine telegraphs, patented nov. 24th 1868, E. Steiger, NY


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