Scan moon globe, 1968 (new and unused)

Diam. 15cm. Height 17cm, English language, tin moon on moulded foot.

A moon globe made of two printed tin hemispheres with graduated equatorial, seas, craters and mountains. The globe shows the crash sites as well as soft landing sites.  It also shows proposed landing area for U.S. manned landings. The far side of the moon is left blank as this information was not yet available to the U.S. The Russians however had pictures of the far side of the moon but these were not yet published. The tin globe is mounted on a moulded foot and can rotate freely. Manufactured by Scan-Globe

Date: Soft landings only started on February 3, 1966 with the landing of Luna 9. There's a view of Mare Orientale revealing it's multiple ring structure, only properly revealed by Lunar Orbiter 4 in 1967 (before that, the actual shape was a guess).

The globe is in perfect condition.

Perfect for home, school, office and collectors. This globe is new and unused and comes with its original foot (which usually gets lost).

$78,- or  65,-

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