Hawkes Tellurium, 1900

Total length 65cm, total height 25cm. Rare Hawkes tellurium of approx. 1900. These telluriumís are rare complete. A wooden column supports a large 16cm brass sphere representing the sun with Venus circling the sun, from which extends a 43cm aluminium arm supporting a terrestrial 10cm (4inch) terrestrial globe with moon. As the arm swings, the mechanical gears move the earth, moon and Venus. Everything functions well. The arm has an inset compass. So Venus circles the sun. The earth circles the sun, circles around its own axis and circles towards and from the sun according to the seasons. The month of the year is shown on the base just beneath the sun. The moon circles the earth and the cap on the moon is always turned away from the sun. This model can be used to explain the seasons, day and night, phases of the moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc.

The planetarium come with the original box. This makes the tellurium extra rare.

Age: On the arms the following text is engraved: Universal planetarium, pat. Jan. 7. 1919, Russel Hawkes Co, Kansas City, MO. This indicates an age of 1919 or younger. On the globe however Norway is not yet independent indicating an age of older than 1905.

Cartouche globe:Neevel Mfg. Co.


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