Replogle Globe with a world clock base, 1950

A Replogle globe with a world clock base. The clock base shows the time on the different places of the world relative to each other. Eg. The following places are shown: Guam, Samoa Islands, Bombay, Omsk, Jerusalem, Kopenhagen etc. Replogle was not famous for its accuracy in relation to timelines and its political boundaries. During the second world war they didnít change the boundaries because they changed often.

The globe has a diameter of 25 cm. and is made of cardboard coved with paper. The clock base are made of metal. On the base there are names of many places in different time zones. The meridian is made of cast iron. The legend shows railroads, rivers, canals, steamship routes, caravan routes and cities. Also radio stations. The globe is in good shape.

$ 195,- of Ä 150,-

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