Rath, Dutch globe, 1950

Diam. 32 cm,  total height 46 cm. Approx. 1935. This is a Dutch relief globe of the Räth company. The heights are shown in relief and colour. The depths are shown in colour (shades of blue).

The globe shows in Dutch:

  • Names of areas such as deserts;

  • Rivers;

  • Chinese wall;

  • International dateline;

  • Sea currents;

  • Boundaries of drift ice;

  • Etc.


The globe is in a good shape. In the region of Indonesia the relief is gone on a few places, the cartography underneath however is still present (see picture). The globe is attached with the aluminium meridian to the back ebonised turned foot. At the bottom of the base is the legend of the globe. The globe is made by Rath: Räth Relief-Erdglobus, Massstab 1:38.600.000, bearbeitet von Professor Dr. Arthur Krause, Verlag Paul Räth G.m.b.H. Leipzig.

$ 265,- of € 225,-

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