Rand McNally, 1890

Diameter: 15 cm

Total height: 28 cm.

Age: 1890.

Description: This is a rare and beautiful Rand McNally globe with a beautiful iron foot. It has no meridian.  There are abrasions on the northern hemisphere and also a few repaired cracks. Apart from the abrasions there is no paper loss. 

The globe is made up of twelve coloured printed paper gores and no polar calottes, the equator graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days and labelled with the houses of the zodiac, the globe showing isothermal lines for January and July, the continents with nation states, rivers, mountains and other details. The borders of the South pole were unknown at the time.

Condition: The globe is in very good condition. There is a restoration in south America (see picture).

Cartouche: Rand McNally New Sic Inch Terrestrial globe.


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