Philips globe with altlas, 1960

Diam. 32 cm,  total height 45 cm. Approx. 1960. This is a globe of the well known British firm George Philip & Son ltd. The countries are beautifully coloured and outlined.

The globe shows:

  • Important railways;

  • International date line;

  • Chinese wall;

  • Important airports;

  • Shipping routes.


The globe is n good shape. The globe is attached with its chromed meridian to its beautiful wonnden base. Within the base there is an atlas. The atlas is also of Philip and Son and also in good shape.

The globe is made by: George Philip & Son ltd.: Philips’Challenge Globe, scale 1:37.500.000, diameter 13,5 inches, London Geographical Institute, George Philip & Son. Ltd., 32 Fleet Straat London, Printed and manufactured in Great Brittain, 1960

$ 325,- of € 250,-

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