Nicolas Lane, London, 1776

Diameter: 7 cm

Total height: 8 cm.

Age: 1776

Condition: There is a small professional repair in central Asia as well as a very small repair in central Africa, all clearly shown in the images. The fishskin case and gores are in very good original condition but the case no longer fully closes and so there is a small gap. The globe is in good condition and is very clear and easy to read.

Description:  This beautiful antique, terrestrial pocket globe, is made up of twelve copper-plate, engraved paper gores. The equator is graduated in degrees as is the anti-meridian. the meridian of London is ungraduated. The ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the zodiac, with sigils. The oceans with arrows for monsoons off the west coast of India. The explorer Anson's tracks ('Ansons going out' and 'Ansons return') showing. Also captain Cook's track showing. The Arctic and Antarctic oceans labelled 'frozen ocean'. The Atlantic beneath the bulge of Africa labelled 'the Ethiopic ocean'. The continents handcoloured in various colours, with national boundaries shown in dotted outline, showing rivers and deserts but no towns or cities. China with the Chinese wall and labelled 'Empire of China'. South Africa labelled 'country of the Hottentots' and Caffres. Columbia labelled 'Terra Firma'. California shown as a peninsula. much of Northern America with little detail and no northern coastline. Australia labelled 'New Holland' and joined to Tasmania which is labelled 'Dimens land'

The globe is in it's original fishskin covered case with two metal hooks and eyes, the interior with twelve hand-coloured engraved half gores on each half, the ecliptic graduated in degrees and depicting and naming the houses of the zodiac, the tropics and poles delineated, the constellations named and depicted with finely engraved mythical beasts and figures all beautifully hand coloured in great detail.

The copperplates of the celestial gores made in 1731 by Richard Cushee were used unrevised to produce the celestial interior of the pocket.

Later editions of this globe show the Sandwich Islands were James Cook was killed in 1779.

Cartouche: A New Globe of the Earth by N. Lane, 1776, Proctor fc


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