Motorized VEB tellurium, 1950

Total length: 80cm

Diameter: 30 cm

Total height: 50 cm.

Age: approx.1950.

Description: Rare VEB tellurium of approx. 1950. This is a rare and beautiful tellurium with a art deco appearance. This tellurium has a lot more functions than the usual functions: eg it also shows the distance from the earth to the sun in the different seasons.

Condition: The motor works and all the movements are functioning. The earth circles the sun, circles around its own axis and circles towards and from the sun according to the seasons. The movement of the earth is not quite as it should be: the earth rotates to fast to and from the sun. Maybe somebody can fix this.The month of the year is shown on the base just beneath the sun. The knob to adjust the speed is missing as well as one zodiac sign (see pictures).

Cartouche: none


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