A Mang globe in a good condition, 1925

Diam. 33 cm,  total height 50 cm. Approx. 1925. This is a beautiful globe in a great condition for its age. It has a brass meridian also in perfect condition. A turned wooden foot with a small compass.. It shows the Graf Zeppelin route. It shows the southern border of human settlements. The oceans show the shipping routes, currents and fishing grounds. The countries are coloured and outlined. It shows caravan and pilgrim routes. Also this globe shows the minerals, major crops and typical animals for that region. Also the borders of palm trees are visible. Also the journey around the world of the Graf Zeppelin, all four journeys to America of Columbus, major wind directions, monsoons, the great Chinese wall, Scott Amundsenís journey to the South pole, the magnetic poles, oil pipelines, etc. etc. On the base of the meridian is the word Mang (sie picture). The globe is a little damaged at the equator. The globe is manufactured by Ad Mangís gastron. Verlag Stuttgart. Hergestellt unter wissenschaftliche mitarbeit von Prof. Dr. Stricker.  Adolf Mang (1849-1933) was a teacher in Germany. Little is known of his globe making.


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