Lipsius & Tischer, 1870

Diameter: 28cm

Total height: 48 cm.

Age: 1870.

Description: A nice globe from Lipsius & Tischer. It has a turned ebonised wooden foot with a nice small brass meridian which holds the globe. The globe is made up of twelve coloured printed paper gores and two polar calottes, the equator graduated in degrees, the oceans showing ocean currents, mountain ranges, steamship navigation tracks, telegraph cable routes, the continents with nation states, rivers, mountains and other details. The borders of the South pole were unknown at the time.

Condition: Overall condition is good. A repaired crack in Pacific Ocean and some paper loss (water) and some paper loss near Japan and Atlantic ocean (see pictures).

Cartouche: Globus für's Haus, Massstab 1:40 Mill. Lipsius & Tischer, 9 Falckstr. Kiel, Falckstr. 9


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