On this page you will find some interesting sites:


http://www.coronelli.org/ : The International Coronelli society for the studie of globes


http://www.library.yale.edu/mapcoll/oldsite/map/:The Lanman globe collection:


http://www.greavesandthomas.co.uk/ :Greaves & Thomas terrestrial, celestial, planetary and lunar globes, antique facsimiles and modern day


 telluria en orreries

http://www.baader-planetarium.de/planetarium/planetarium.htm : a very nice German planetarium


http://www.orreries.co.uk/ : Peter Grimwood produces and restaurates museum quality orreries and other astronomical models


http://www.blenders.se/ebay/me/me.html : Thomas Sandberg with a preference for the curious and unsusal such as planetaria



How to make globes

http://www.solarviews.com/eng/ico.htm : how to make icosahedron (a 20-sided polyhedron) of planets (and earth)


http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/planet_globes/ : pictures of map gores so you can make your own globes


http://www.rmg.co.uk/make-your-own/globe: how to make your own globe in 1538



Home decorating

http://www.xyleia.eu: Top quality natural interior articles made of wood and petrified wood