Bronzed spelter statue clock with candlesticks and Bertaux globe, 1875

A rare French bronzed spelter statue clock with a terrestrial globe of Bertaux. The globe is moves manually and is carried by two bronzed spelter dancing woman in loose  robes, a cherub  is seated at their feet holding an hourglass  and a garland of fruit. At the base of the statue are the houses of the zodiac. At the front of the base is ‘lúnivers’.

The clock is made of a red marble with is mounted on gold coloured lion feet. The clck has an off white enamel Arabic dial. The terrestrial globe is signed with "E. Bertaux, Editeur, Rue Serpente 25, Paris". There are also two candlesticks, even the extinguishers and the original key are present. The globe has a nice patina and a few small damages. A very rare clock especially the complete .


Emile Bertaux (1880-1900) was a publisher of international globes of Dien, Dubail, Eichens navisphere, Mars and lunar globes. Bertaux was also a successor to Maison Delamarche, who occupied this adress prior to Bertaux, and originally published Charles Deins's globes (Dekker and van der Krogt, Globes from the Western world).

$ 2.730,- of € 1.950,-

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