J. Joslin, 1885

Diameter: 30 cm

Total height: 46 cm.

Age: 1885. It shows the Autro-Hungarian Empire, no Romania , no Serbia( 1878) , Congo is named Free state of Congo ( 1877) and is mostly unexplored.

Description: A terrestrial globe, made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores and one (North) polar calotte, the equatorial graduated in degrees, hours and minutes, the ecliptic graduated in days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with names for the former and symbols for the latter, the meridian of Greenwich ungraduated, the oceans with an analemma, tracks of various explorers, including Cook, La Perouse, Wilkes, Clerke, Vancouver and Gore with various dates, and information such as Here Columbus flrst landed 12 Octr. 1492 by the Bahamas and Karakooa B. here Capt. Cook was killed 1779, further showing the Northern Limit of Wood, the continents delicately outlined in green, and finely detailed, some nation states shaded green or grey, Alaska showing detail such as Numerous huts on this Coast and Boundary settled 1825, Canada and North America with details of Native American territories, Tasmania labelled VAN DIEMEN'S LAND OR TASMANIA, the Antarctic with little coastline shown and detail such as Capt. J. Weddell R.N. reached this point 1823, the North and South poles printed with hour circles, with engraved meridian circle, the papered horizon ring graduated in both directions, days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac, with information for the clock's variance sun, compass directions, months and symbols, pictures, names for the houses of the Zodiac, on four baluster turned fruitwood legs united by turned cross stretchers.

From about 1837, Loring, the Boston mapmaker, was assisted by Gilman Joslin (1804 - c.1886), who continued to publish Loring's globes under his own name from 1839 onwards. during the 1870s, the engraver George W. Boynton updated the 12-inch terrestrial globe adding, e.g., Dakota Territory (1867) and the united Germany and Italy (1871). (Globes from the western world, Elly Dekker and Peter van der Krogt).

Condition:The globe is in very good condition

Cartouche: Joslinís TERRESTRIAL GLOBE containing all THE LATE DISCOVERIES AND Geographical Improvements, also the Tracks of the most celebrated Circumnavigators. Compiled from Smith's new English Globe with additions and improvements by Annin & Smith. Revised by G. W. Boynton. Manufactured by Gilman Joslin, Boston.


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