JRO Humboldt, 1975

Diameter: 64 cm

Total height: 135 cm.

Age: 1960-1970

Description: This model is a the top of JRO globe making. It is a valuable globe with a very fine foot made of the best Sipo Mahogani. The meridian devided in degrees.

The Duo Map   The political  map (switched off) shows the various countries of the earth in many matched colors.   The physical  map (switched on) shows the mountains, the plates, the plains and sea-beds. The impression of relief shown by the illuminated map is really beautiful.  

Condition: very good, like new

Cartouche: JRO Multi globus, JRO Kartogr. Verlaggsgesellschaft mbH.München

$1.150,- or  € 950,-

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