J. Forest globe, 1900

Globe Terrestre dresse par J. Forest, En vente a Paris chez l’auteur 17, Rue de Buci, Edition Complete. Diameter 21 cm, total height 46 cm. This terrestrial table globe is made up of twelve colored printed paper gores and two polar calottes. The meridian and equator graduated in degrees and the ecliptic ungraduated, the oceans showing ocean currents strongly marked in blue. The limits of polar ice with seasonal variation, steamship routes, projected and existing submarine cable lines are shown. The south pole being largely undiscovered is mainly left blanc. The continents with nation states variously outlined according to table of national possessions and showing rivers, mountains, deserts, telegraph lines, railways, caravan routes etc. The globe is mounted with brass finial and brass support to turned ebonized pillar and plinth base.

The globe is in good shape for its age. The globe has a small crack at the north pole and a small surface abrasion at the south pole and surface discoloration.


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