Heyman Clock globe, 1913

Diameter: 17 cm

Total height: 41 cm.

Age: 1914 (Panama canal present 1913/1914, St. Petersburg present pre 1914)

Description: Heyman globe mounted on top of wooden clock. A 17cm diameter terrestrial globe made up of twelve colour printed gores and two polar calottes, the equatorial and
anti-meridian graduated in degrees The oceans showing ocean currents and steamship routes with ports of arrival and departure, the Antarctic with small amount of definite coastline shown, complete projected coastline, the continents with nation states outlined and showing towns, cities, mountains and rivers. Mounted within a fixed copper framework of two meridian circles and equatorial band engraved with the hours 1-12 twice, the whole within a thicker meridian half-circle, the axis of the globe mounted on the top of a clockwork
mechanism with strike on spring, most of which is housed in beautifully shaped wooden case, with decoration, the printed card clock face with beautiful numbers.

Condition: very good, globe turns, clock checked by clock maker. There was perhaps originally a glass present (for hour dial).

Cartouche: No cartouche on globe, but it is clearly a Heyman globe. On clock: No name of a clock maker only: Ges. Geschutst, Patented, Brevete

$2.440,- or  1.950,-

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