Helios planetarium

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 32 - 38cm.


Condition: New and unused


Subjects to study:
-The Planets in their Orbits (length of a year, inferior and superior planets and more)
-The Moon and its Phases
-Eclipse Basics
-The Time - solar, sidereal and G.M.T.

-The Ecliptic and the Zodiacal constellations
-How the planets appear to move against the night sky
-Use of the Helios outside at night - where should the stars appear in the sky?

-Day and Night
-Shadows and the Seasons
-The Moon's month, phases and eclipses
-The Pole Star and a Nocturnal
-The Moon and Stars as seen from different positions on the Earth, circumpolar stars
-The tides
-Space travel

Show how the movements of the Earth and Moon create the daily and monthly pattern of tides.!
The domes show the stars around the ecliptic plus those over either the Northern or Southern hemispheres. Looking through the dome you see the stars visible at night!
The orrery can have all its planets displayed or just one or two. The planets can be positioned for any year or month up to 2020. The speed and direction of rotation can be changed!

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