Georama ltd London, 1970

Diameter: 76,2 cm

Total height: 137 cm.

Age: 1970

Description: Terrestrial library lamp globe made up of two sets of eighteen chromolithographed gores laid onto an opaque fibreglass sphere, the equatorial graduated in hours and minutes in both directions and in degrees, the meridian of Greenwhich and the equinoctial colure graduated in degrees. The with an analemma and shipping routes with ports of arrival and departure and journey time in nautical miles. Antarctica with the extend of polar ice, the continents with the countries variously coloured and showing details such as cities, railways, airports, rivers, deserts, swamps and the Chinese wall. The globe has a Perspex hour dial and meridian circle mounted on a waisted octagonal wooden stand, housing a motor for turning the sphere and with on and off switches for the motor and the lamp inside. This globe is very rare in this condition. Most globes have may areas of paper loss due to the way the paper was glued to the sphere and the production of heat of the lamps inside. This globe is completely restored and and has now energy saving lamps

Condition: very good, as new!

Cartouche: Made in England by Georama limited, 12-14 Long Acre, Lodon, W.C.2, Designers of fine illuminated globes and maps, 30" 76cm diameter, terrestrial globe, scale 1:17.000.000


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