A Geographia 10 inch globe, 1925

Diam. 25,50 cm, total height 45cm. Approx. 1925. A terrestrial desk globe on turned wooden stand by Geographia, London.  The terrestrial globe without meridian, raised on turned ebonised wooden stand.

The British Empire is shaded in red. Additional shading in yellow, blue and green, with some outline colour.

The oval Cartouche reads: "GEOGRAPHIA"/ 10 INCH/ TERRESTRIAL GLOBE/ Railways ~~~~~/ Steamer route distances in Sea-miles./ Heights in English Feet/ British Possessions Red/ "GEOGRAPHIA" Ltd 55 FLEET STR. LONDON E.C. 4. Geographia, Ltd. was a prolific publisher of globes and atlases in the second quarter of the 20th Century.


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