Ernst Schotte & Co, 1875-1900

A 19th century school's tellurium. The globe has a diameter of 12 cm and has a label inscribed Prof. Dr. A. Krause, Neuer Schülerglobus, Durchmesser 12 cm, Massstab 1:106.000.000, Verlag Paul Rath, Lehrmittelwerkstatten Leipzig. The globe is made up of twelve printed paper gores, state borders are coloured, rivers and mountain ridges shown. The globe is in good condition, on part of the globe there is a small crack on the eqautor ( see pictures). The moon itself has been replaced.

The globe is mounted on the geared mechanism driven by a winding handle mounted  with worm-drive on the pillar, supporting the printed zodiac circle.  with lacquered-brass candle holder and reflecting mirror on the round iron stand. The zodiac circle has been replaced by a copy. The iron stand is decorated with floral motives.

Hight: 42 cm, long 45-50 cm.


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