Eerste Nederlandsche Globe industrie Zwolle, 1970

Diam. 22 cm,  total height 37 cm. Approx. 1970. This is a globe of the Eerste Nederlandsche Globe Industrie in Zwolle the Netherlands.

After the second world war this firm started in 1949 with production of globes. At the start they used gores made by Kümmerly & Frey in Bern. Later they made their own globes. In 1969 the firm stopped the production of their own globes. From that time on the firm imported often globes from abroad with Dutch names. This globe is an example of that era: this globe is made by Rico Florence in Italy.

It is a lighted relief globe. With the light switched out the relief is shown and are the physical element shown. With the light switched on the political boundaries are shown. The globe is attached with its acrylic meridian to its plastic foot with wooden colour. The globe is in good shape.

$ 55,- of € 45,-

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