German tellurium of approx. 1960

Length 63cm, height 40cm, diam. globe 10cm. A very nice tellurium in mint condition. The globe as well as the tellurium is in mint condition. The tellurium is typically well made of German origin and functions very well. The tellurium is constructed of a heavy steel base with the sphere with a light representing the sun. On a plate beneath the ‘sun’ the date, months, seasons, zodiac signs are shown. From the base a steel arm extends with the earth and the moon at the end. Everything is set in motion by turning the handle on the base. Doing so causes the earth to circle the sun, circle around its own axis and circles  towards and from the sun according to the seasons. The moon circles the earth and also moves up and down. This model can be used to explain the seasons, day and night, phases of the moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc.


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