Cram’s DeLuxe Globe with automatic daily sun ray and season indicator, 1950

Diameter: 30,5 cm

Total height: 45 cm.

Age: 1950 (Israel present, Korea not divided)

Description: A terrestrial table globe made up of twelve chromolithographed gores, the equator graduated in degrees and hours, the ecliptic graduated in days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with symbols, the oceans showing ocean currents and an analemma, the continents with nation states delicately coloured in green and yellow, a stamped hour dial with hours 1-12 twice, the moulded aluminium meridian circle divided in four quadrants, with cast-iron meridian half-circle labelled SUN RAYS, the pointer at the bottom corresponding to an applied paper chart on the circular aluminium base, graduated in days of the month and houses of the Zodiac, with further information regarding the seasons and instructions for use. Patented in Canada 1936.

Condition: good

Cartouche: 12 inch terrestrial globe The George F. Cram Company Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana.

$ 490,- or € 375,-

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