Columbus model 200, 1935, with brochure

Diam. 34 cm,  total height 52 cm. Approx. 1935. This is a very detailed Columbus globe. The globe is really very detailed and presents political and physical elements. The countries are beautifully coloured and outlined. The globe shows in great detail:

  • Caravan routes;

  • Chinese wall;

  • Telegraph lines;

  • Major broadcasting stations;

  • Flying routes;

  • Former German colonies;

  • Steamship routes;

  • International dateline;

  • Etc.

 Also physical marks such as tundra, desert, drifting ice are shown. Also the locations of minerals are shown (silver, cupper, diamonds, cotton etc) and fish grounds.

 In the base of the globe is a compass. The globe is in a perfect shape. Only the varnish on the base is a little damaged of age.

 The globe is made by: Columbus Erdglobus, Modell 200, politisch-fysische mit wirtschaftsgeografischen Eintragungen, Massstab 1:40.000.000, bearbeitet von O. Winkel, Columbus Verlag G.m.b.H. Paul Oestergaard, Berlin-Lichterfelde.


The globe comes with a copy of the original brochure of the globe (see pictures)


$ 385,- of 295,-

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